Weeks of my life

I have an obsession with personal improvement and self-development (and if among the favorite nicknames I received in my life you can find “The Gritty One” or “The Streakmaster”, you could assume it quite easily).

Unfortunately, Instagram knows it as well (they know so much about me, by the way…). So a year and a half ago, a sponsored advertisement showed me a big poster called ‘Weeks of my Life’. It’s just a bunch of empty squares to fill every week for 80 or 100 years (I asked for the longer version). Nothing more.

Despite my verbal thinking nature (you know, I’m a lawyer after all), I spent most of my professional life learning and teaching about the importance of visuals, so my instinct clicked just a few seconds later. Bought. Shipped. Positive feedback. For the joy of Instagram.

Now you can find it in my office, in front of my desk. Initially, I wanted to frame it, but then I realized I needed to mark every week, so I put it on a white wall with some tape.

Most of my friends looking at it tell me “I couldn’t have something like this in my office”‘. Truth is, I like pressure. It makes me realize that life is short. That this is the real show and there are no rehearsals. Unfortunately, not believing in reincarnation is not helpful.

When I looked at it the first time, the first thing I thought was “What have I achieved so far?” But you know, I never liked the concept of achievement, so my mind easily corrected itself.

Then it was “How many seeds have I spread”‘? “Were they spread on fertile soil or not”? “How the wind affected their growth?”

Today I’m closing the last week of my 39th year, and I’m entering my 40th year of life. So, according to the poster (and the Gregorian Calendar), I am celebrating my 39th birthday. I colored the last hole of line number 39 and decided to make a post about it.

39 years of life. 468 months. 2028 weeks. Weeks, months, and years of experiences, laughs, mistakes, reflections, diaries, concerts, travels, work, art, love, personal growth, and much more.

But if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that it’s cool to be The Gritty Boy. And it’s cool to be The Streakmaster.

But being a good man, a good heart, and a good soul is way better.

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