Since the beginning of my career, I devoted a considerable amount of time to pro bono services.

At Harvard, I was involved in the Recording Artists Project and in the Harvard Mediation Program. I also co-founded the Harvard Italian Law Students Associations, which is still active after several years.

During my years in Bologna, I have been one of the drafters of the first code of values for Italian musicians and players of the music business, now subscribed by more than 1000 musicians and social unions.

At LCA, I coordinated the firm’s participation to the Food WAYste project, a global interactive guide about food waste, mentioned by Financial Times and Repubblica and presented to FAO and World Food Programme.


I am a member of various associations, including UIA (Union International des Avocats), Harvard Alumni Association, Fulbright Alumni Association, ELA (European Lawyers’ Association), ALMA (Association of Italian law students who did a master in the United States), and Note Legali (first Italian association for music law).

I have been (and I am) a mentor for many institutions and initiatives, including Fintech District, Mentors4U, Futurely, Startup Weekend, 4cLegal (Influencers Hub), ALMA (check out my LL.M. faq).

If you want to know more about my path, or you need advice to make informed decisions about your career, check below the 6 pm initiative!


I believe that the most important gift that a person can receive is time.

This because, quoting James Joyce, when someones gives it you, it is yours forever.

For this reason, and because of my willingness to create a better society, I offer for free, every working day, a twenty minutes slot of my time at 6 pm (CET time).

Since I started the 6 pm initiative, this slot has been used for mentorships, conversations about life, mindfulness sessions, and much more. Just book your slot here, and you’ll find me there, whether online or – even better – offline.

Disclaimer: this slot cannot be used for free legal advice, lol!