I’m a long time tai chi and qi gong practitioner. I am also deeply passionate about Chinese Traditional Medicine and Daoism. Most of my learning experiences are due to the conversations and sessions with masters coming from every part of the world. I will be forever grateful for every teaching I have received.

In the last few years, I started spreading the seeds of mental wellness and mindfulness (both Eastern and Western) inside and outside the legal field. I also collaborated with Ellen Langer (Harvard Professor of Psychology) and her mindfulness lab.

Fun note: my academic paper for my Harvard master concerned the application of Feng Shui principles to mediation procedures.


I have a huge passion for music and art in general (from theater to movies, from paintings to literature).

During a sleepless life, I have seen more than 1000 concerts and live events, including 100+ music festivals around the world. I will probably publish a book out of my crazy, hectic, experiences.

Since 2009, I am a member of SIAE, the main Italian collecting society. I wrote some songs for the Italian artist Gloria Bonaveri, former winner of Sanremo giovani, and I have tons of unreleased tracks in my various archives. Unfortunately, I still have to find time (and brave) to properly record them. My seven guitars and all my equipment are begging for my attention.

Speaking about brave, I wrote 10+ books of poetry, but never had the courage to publish them. Maybe one day it’ll happen.

Camino de Santiago

In 2015, I walked my first Camino de Santiago (French Way), a 500-mile path that stretches from St.Jean Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela. Since then, I walked several Caminos, including the Portuguese, The Primitive, and the English Way. I also reached several  times the sea (Fisterra and Muxia).​

On my second French Way (which I did in 2016, after my master at Harvard), I wrote a blog, named Through the steps of St. James. You can find it here.

If This Is Not Enough

  • In 2013, I started two blogs on Italian, one about the Bar exam, the other about the music business world. You can find them here and here.
  • I had long hair most of my legal career. I cut them because of a lost bet
  • I read the entire James Joyce’s Ulisses, The Lord of the Rings, and other 1000+ books
  • I have been in the organizing team of the Castrocaro 2012 Festival, a singing competition transmitted on-air on Rai1, Italian national Channel
  • I helped organizing the most important event for legal innovation in Italy, Diritto al Futuro, with 2000+ attendees, and speakers which included nobel prizes, Harvard and Oxford professors, and Olympic Champions
  • I run several marathons (including the one in NY) and Spartan Races
  • I won a karaoke contest singing a punk version of “New York New York”. My mum still has the cup at home
  • I am a devoted AC Milan Supporter (and celebrated the last scudetto on the field. Literally).
  • I named all my guitars, as well as my motorcycle (Blackie)
  • I have been a passionate diarist for most of my life
I have always believed that it’s better to do greatly a lot of things, than badly a few ones.