The lion and the gazelle

Last evening, as I settled into a moment of meditation, my thoughts unexpectedly veered toward the frenetic pace of our current lives, particularly within the realms of law and technology. Amid this contemplation, a vivid memory surfaced—an iconic advertisement from an Italian beverage producer that had captured the imagination of many during my adolescence. It’s a piece I suspect many Italians over the age of twenty would recall with a certain fondness.

The advertisement painted a simple yet profound picture.

Every morning, a lion awakens with the sole purpose of hunting for food, while a gazelle rises with the singular goal of eluding its formidable predator. The message was clear—whether you identify more with the lion or the gazelle, the imperative remains the same: start running.

Yet, as is often the case with moments of introspection, a deeper insight dawned on me, shining through like a ray of sunlight piercing a cloud-covered sky.

What if a lion, in its zeal, runs in the entirely wrong direction, missing the gazelle entirely? Or imagine a gazelle, perhaps confused or misguided, running straight towards the lion.

What lessons can we draw from these scenarios?

Indeed, there are times when the act of running serves us well—propelling us forward, away from danger or towards our goals. However, there are also moments when it behooves us to pause, to not run. Such breaks can offer clarity, allowing us to gather our thoughts and direct our energies more purposefully. They help us understand not just why we run, but more importantly, when and where to run.

Therefore, the crux of the matter isn’t simply about the act of running or remaining stationary. It’s about discerning the right moment for each—knowing when to surge forward and when to stand still.

As any lawyer might tell you with a knowing smile, “It always depends…

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