Never Enough

No matter how many articles I write, speeches I deliver worldwide, or insightful advice I offer to my clients, one constant remains—it’s never enough for me.

At the age of 20, I noted in my personal journal that the predominant feeling in my life was a sense of dissatisfaction as vast as the sea. Two decades later, this sensation endures.

Over the years, I’ve delved into Daoism, practiced mindfulness, and sought the elusive inner peace through pilgrimages to Santiago and visits to numerous spiritual sites globally. I have touched and danced with inner peace, but it was just for a while.

This persistent unrest typically arises from trauma, unresolved personal issues, or complex family dynamics. However, none of these factors seem to apply to me. I hail from an average yet highly supportive family. Sometimes they are my harshest critics, but most of the time, they are my most loyal followers.

When it comes to comparing myself with others, I count myself lucky not to be burdened by this factor. So much that I tend to be happy for success of other players (even competitors).

I’ve learned from the lives of others, absorbing lessons from the biographies of rock stars, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, lawyers, and more. Yet, I’ve always recognized that my journey is mine alone and that success encompasses a broad spectrum of achievements.

This relentless drive continues unabated, pushing me to improve both as a professional and as a person. Perhaps one day, I’ll uncover the reason behind this incessant striving.

I’ll learn why every Lorem Ipsum can and should become Better.

For now, I know it remains potent, impacting not just me but also those closest to me. The nearer you are, the higher I set the bar—an act of love, in my view.

Yet, rest assured, I will always be the one to raise it the highest, because I am committed to living as I advise others to live—by example.

Have I achieved all my goals? Not yet.

Will I do? Dunno

Do I make the effort? Absolutely.

And after tons of reflection, I’m still uncertain whether this insatiable drive is a blessing or a curse.

What I know is that it will undeniably fuel much of what I aim to achieve in the future.

Perhaps it’s not such a bad deal after all.

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